10 Industries That Will GAIN The Most Jobs In Next Decade

Though Nobel laureate Paul Krugman called this decade "the big zero" -- as in zero wage growth, zero stock market growth, etc. -- it's probably safe to say that the last ten years weren't a complete wash.

Of course, we've seen the deterioration of certain industries and massive disruption in employment. But, in the next decade there will certainly be a corresponding expansion in some unexpected areas. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast the industries in which it expects the most job growth over the next decade.

As demographics shift toward an older population and manufacturing jobs in particular dry up, the great bulk of the new jobs -- 96% of the increase in new employment -- are projected to be created by service industries such as health care services or business services. But there are still a few outliers.

Check out the list -- and vote for the ones you think have the most growth potential -- below:

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