Finding an Answer to Back Pain 3,000 Miles Away

When I think back on the medical industry, so much has changed. And recently.

For example, when you needed a doctor many moons ago, that person had to be close in proximity. After all, he or she had to examine you, do imaging such as X-rays or MRIs, check any previous medical records, etc. In other words, it was a “hands on” experience from beginning to end.

Well, say goodbye to the medical care of the past!

Today’s technology has entirely rewritten the rules of doctor/patient engagement. Whether via FaceTime, texting or email, the rules of searching for and finding healthcare have been rewritten.

This opens up an entirely new frontier, especially for patients, who can now seek out care beyond traditional geographical borders. Where once restricted to the miles they would be willing to drive for multiple appointments and subsequent procedures, those seeking preferred providers can find them from coast to coast.

One case in point happened in my practice recently. A third-party recommendation and years of endless back pain led Nikki Haskell to reach out to me. The bicoastal resident and prominent journalist and film producer had a special mission: to utilize her VIP invitation in order to attend this year’s presidential inauguration.

With a phone consultation from Los Angeles, a red-eye flight to the East Coast and an electronic transmission of her imaging test results, a surgery date was confirmed. Following successful surgery, Ms. Haskell was free to walk the streets of Washington, D.C. pain-free a mere six days after her procedure.

I am happy that I could help Nikki Haskell, and I am gratified to work in a world in which distance is no longer a boundary for medical care.

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