Finding an Insight - Luvs for Gay Dads

Finding an “insight” is the holy grail of marketing. Brands spend years and dollars mining data to find exactly the right way to connect with their target audience. The “insight” becomes the unique aspect of the target where the brand can find an even more unique connection.

Finding the “insight” is a big part of what I teach in my class at NYU. It’s a big part of the work I do with clients. And there’s no better example than that of the brand Luvs.

For years Luvs has been connecting with “second-time” parents who know the ways of the parenting world a bit better than on their first go around. These experienced parents are a bit more, shall we say, laid back about how they take care of their children. Luvs is the brand for these parents who perhaps don’t take every single parenting moment as seriously as they did with their first kid. Shall we say. As a dad with two children, I can relate.

The latest installment of Luvs long-running campaign features two gay dads, again propelling the brand into our modern a very special parenting moment when your kid gets their first haircut. As a gay dad myself, I can relate.

As I mentioned, the brand has been continually refreshing this campaign with various parenting moments and various kinds of parents.

Ok, let’s do one more...this is fun!

The difference between first-time and second-time that’s an insight! If you manage a brand or a business, I’d encourage you to find one just as unique for your customers.

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