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'Finding Bigfoot': Did The Team Just Find The First-Ever Footage?

On "Finding Bigfoot," the team may have discovered the first-ever footage of a Bigfoot? They went to Colorado to investigate video taken in 1962 that was just released last year, and allegedly shows a Bigfoot in the mountains.

This man, Gary, told the team his father took the film while the two were on a trip with his Boy Scout troop. When his dad showed the footage to the other leaders, they were spooked and said everyone should stick close to camp.

“It seems to be hopping from rock to rock. Why would it do that? Most likely to hide its footprints,” Cliff said, adding, “Bigfoots avoid leaving their footprints in places where they could be found.”

Gary said he’d kept the footage in the family for 50 years before deciding to release it. The team couldn’t say for sure if the footage was a Bigfoot or not, but if it is -- this would be the earliest footage of Bigfoot ever captured, even earlier than the famous Patterson-Gimlin tape shot in 1967.

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, viewers were excited about the new footage, and in the press rounds -- the team holds their ground. Team member Cliff recently spoke with WGCL, saying Bigfoots are a real species.

"Finding Bigfoot" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Animal Planet.

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