Hunt For Sasquatch On Animal Planet's Bigfoot Cam (LIVE VIDEO)

WATCH: New Tool Allows You to Hunt For Bigfoot

If you've ever had the urge to join the hunt for the ever-elusive Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, Yeti and Abominable Snowman, now you can do it without leaving the comfort of your home. Just get some snacks together (for you, not Bigfoot) sit in front of your computer and check out Animal Planet's live, 24-hour Bigfoot Cam.

In conjunction with the TV channel's popular "Finding Bigfoot" series, the 24/7 camera has been installed in an undisclosed location somewhere in North America where ongoing Sasquatch activity has been reported.

Of course, that could be just about anywhere.

During the first three seasons of "Finding Bigfoot," cameras followed the intrepid, persistent team of Matt Moneymaker, Ranae Holland, Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay, searching for Bigfoot in more than 30 states and five countries.

Watch the 'Finding Bigfoot' team consider real vs. fake evidence:

The new season of "Finding Bigfoot" kicked off over the weekend, with the research quartet planning new pursuits of their quarry, variously known around the world as Yeti (Nepal), Yowie (Australia), Yeren (China) and Orang-Pendek (Indonesia).

While the U.S. government has never formally acknowledged the existence of an undiscovered bipedal animal that has been reported for decades and allegedly photographed and filmed in heavily wooded areas of the country, the "Finding Bigfoot" team discovered a different attitude about the purported creature in other countries.

"There are two things for me as I traveled to China, Nepal -- and other places, like Sumatra, Vietnam, Australia, Tibet and Cambodia -- everywhere I have gone, I broached the subject and there is, universally, from all peoples in these areas, reports of bipedal, hairy men in the woods, just like in the Americas -- it's there. That persists, for indigenous people to have it in their culture," Holland told The Huffington Post.

"The second thing for me as we go forward with the show, is how commonplace our witnesses are," she continued. "With the exception of Australia, I've not met witnesses who have any qualms about sharing their story, not only with us but with their families, their friends or their community. Because no one looks at them strangely."

bigfoot footprints

Moneymaker -- founder and president of the 18-year-old Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization -- agrees that, outside the United States, there's hardly any ridicule factor when it comes to Bigfoot reports.

"That's a key thing. Where people see [the Yeren] in China, governing officials don't say they're crazy," he told HuffPost. "It's really all about who has seen it, not can they prove it, not do they get it, not do they kill it. They don't even have any footage from China, yet enough people with enough clout have had sightings."

In the end, the world is still waiting for some kind of definitive evidence of Bigfoot's existence -- clear video, pictures, bones, or, as many suggest would nail it, an actual body, dead of natural causes or killed by hunters who feel that's the only way to prove it.

A good heaping of the skepticism surrounding Bigfoot emanates from Holland, the group's resident skeptical research scientist.

"There's a stigma attached to it in North America -- a preconceived notion with Sasquatch and Bigfoot here," Holland said. "When you go to Asia, it's not there. The Chinese and Vietnamese governments have actually backed studies, looking for it -- they've used conservation efforts to set it aside for the possibility of future study."

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" can be found on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

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