No One Hates ‘Finding Dory’ As Much As This Irish Dad

Spoiler and foul language alert.

Finding Dory” may be cute, but apparently it isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Irish comedian Gerry McBride didn’t hold back with his opinions on the Disney-Pixar film when tweeting the experience of taking his 3-year-old son to a movie theater on Sunday.

In 39 angry posts, he hilariously detailed the distressing family outing ― from criticizing the animated movie’s plot to documenting how his “bored” child ended up joining a “pack of kids” running around the venue.

Not everyone will agree with his review of the movie, which has an IMDB rating of 7.7/10 and has topped $1 billion at the box office. But McBride said his assessment of the film, in which Ellen DeGeneres voices the lead character, had definitely touched a nerve with other moms and dads.

Many people have tweeted messages of support to the Dublin resident, saying they feel his pain.

“I think kids these days have such a good grasp of YouTube and watching stuff online that the notion of watching something that’s two hours long is baffling to them,” McBride told Mashable.

Check out his full unbridled “review” of the film here: