Finding Joe Documentary Reminds Us of Our Hero's Journey

The documentary Finding Joe, directed by Patrick Takaya Solomon, is a heart warming and inspired retelling of Joseph Campbell's iconic Hero's Journey, one that lucidly walks us through perhaps the archetype of archetypes, the diagram for self-realization and psychological illumination known as the monomyth.

Joseph Campbell was a man who saw many patterns, and as the Imaginary Foundation reminds us: To Understand is to Perceive Patterns. When watching the documentary you'll find yourself experiencing cascading moments of Aha, as pattern after pattern is revealed. Featuring interviews with luminaries like Deepak Chopra and Sir Ken Robinson, the film does a great job at offering a clear and articulate vision of the Hero's Journey... One of my favorite aspects of the doc is the use of references to iconic films to demonstrate how this pattern manifests itself.

Here's the trailer: