Finding Joy in the World Today

Finding Joy in the World Today
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A popular complaint these days is unhappiness. Whether a job is unfulfilling, your bank account is lower than you'd like it to be, or you don't get along with your family, there's always something that stands in the way of true happiness, or so we deem true. We're all guilty of it.

Shari Alyse of Shari-ng with Shari, an original inspirational web series on, is here to bring a fresh perspective. "Everybody always talks about how to find happiness, but what you don't realize is that happiness is a feeling, a temporary thing, that's based on external circumstances," says Shari. "Joy is something that comes from within. You find joy because you bring joy to everything that you do."

See how Shari finds joy daily:

"Surround yourself with joy-filled people," suggests the happiness advocate herself. "When you surround yourself with negativity it brings you down. Joy recognizes joy."

Shari also suggests living fully present and being in awe of every moment. That is what brings about joy. Take risks. Put yourself out there. Laugh a lot. Love more. It's about the seemingly ordinary moments where the extraordinary lies.

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