The Moment I Realized My S.O. Was 'The One'

Do you remember the moment that you realized that your boyfriend or girlfriend was The One? You know, the one single person (in a world of seven billion!) that you would be absolutely stoked to spend the rest of your life with?

Last week, Redditor anothercollegedude posed that very question on the site. Some users, like itsamealex, felt that you couldn't possibly narrow such a big decision down to only one instant. "Honestly. There isn't one moment." he wrote. "She said and did the right thing at the right time so many times, that I just couldn't imagine not spending every day of my life with her." Aww!

Others, though, were able to pinpoint the exact moment when they thought to themselves, "This is it." Find out how it happened for the 12 Redditors below:

1. "After we spent the night [together] for the first time, I woke up alone. After replaying the last night [in my head] to think of what I did wrong, she entered the room with bacon and scrambled eggs and said 'Well, hey there, sexy.'" - Sephirator

2. "My boyfriend is in the military and soon he's going to be gone for a couple of months. I am sad but I thought to myself, 'It's okay. My mother and my siblings are far away too, I still love them.' The realization that I put him in the same category as my family did it [for me]...I've never felt that close to anyone." - SadAndSlightlyObese

3. "This one weekend during a snowstorm, my girlfriend was stuck at work and couldn't get out. I volunteered to come get her because my car is front-wheel drive and goes decent in the snow. However, once I got to her, I realized that it was way worse than I thought and we came back to my place instead of me taking her home. The snow never stopped and we got snowed in together for the entirety of the weekend. Basically living together for three days with nothing else to do but hang out helped me realize she was it. [We've been] happily married six years now." - dead_wolf_walkin

4. "She told me that she thought I was the most 'real' person she had ever met and that she could be herself around me. This is pretty big because I felt the same way around her, to the point that our best friends didn't know things about us that we knew about each other almost instinctively." - wildbiostudent

5. "I was emotional after the end of this last semester of school...I was on the phone with my S.O. and getting emotionally worked up because of how fried and tired I was. As I tried to get off the phone, he asked me to just stay on the line and cry if I needed to. It was kind of shocking. He told me he wanted me to express my negative emotions to him, which might sound like something obvious for a relationship, but I have always been the type of person to bottle up my negative thoughts and feelings so as not to drive my S.O.s away. But having that moment of realization that he cared about all my emotions -- even the unpleasant ones -- just solidified it for me that he was The One." - SllyStringBandit

6. "She made me laugh; like a full-on genuine laugh. I'd never dated a girl who could do that before." - Nine-Foot-Banana

7. "I knew for sure that he was The One the third time we were hanging out. I was laying in his bed and he wanted to play me a song on his guitar. I knew he was in a band and played for a long time, but the last guy that I was seeing boasted about his skills and SUCKED. So I was prepping my 'Ohh that's so good' face for when he played. But when he played his guitar and started singing, I knew he was The One. It was perfect. And the song lyrics were written about Dany from 'Game of Thrones' and it went 'I can't wait, I wanna see you smile on our wedding day...'" - marley2012

8. "For me, it was his willingness to fly over the Atlantic Ocean to visit (presently, we're in a long-distance relationship), and his desire to cook with me." - themorrigansfolly

9. "There are a lot of reasons, but my favorite is that he started using the nickname Daisy for me (as in Daisy Duke) without knowing how much I love daisies. It sounds silly, but it makes me really happy!" - Allllliiiii

10. "I realized he was The One when he came to pick me up from the bus station in a dodgy neighborhood after I was out for the night with my friends on a Wednesday. He was waiting in the rain with a smile." - wanderlust1624

11. "Not one moment in particular, but every now and again, she will do something specific and I will think to myself, 'Holy sh*t. I made the best decision of my life.' For example, we recently bought a house. It does not have a finished basement, so I jokingly said 'Well where are we going to put a kegerator since there is no basement?' And she said, 'The kitchen is definitely big enough for one.'" - pell_well

12. "We'd been together about three months when this happened. I was in the shower. She needed to pee so I let her come in and use the toilet while I showered. We were both cool with it. It's happened a few times since. We were talking about it recently and it turns out, that first time was the moment we both realized we were with someone special." - redefine19

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