Here's What HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In July

Including a set of cotton sheets for sleeping in, a romper made of organic cotton and a "sexy" face shield.

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A portable speaker to take anywhere, a cashmere sweater on sale and sandals for the "camp counselor" look — these were a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in July.
A portable speaker to take anywhere, a cashmere sweater on sale and sandals for the "camp counselor" look — these were a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in July.

It’s the end of another month, so it’s time to bring back our series “Top Shopped,” in which we find out what HuffPost readers bought throughout the month. This time around, we’re checking out what readers added to their carts in July.

If June was all about an all-natural bug spray, office chairs that weren’t ugly and badass leather bike shorts, then July brought out all the “camp counselor” vibes you might remember from your youth

It’s a “camp quarantine” summer — and we’re going to thank “The Babysitter’s Club” for these trends.

This month, our loyal readers couldn’t get enough of this portable speaker from Amazon that’s perfect for making s’mores by a campfire, a pair of platform sandals that look like something you would’ve worn in the ’90s and a cashmere wrap sweater that you can wear when you’re staring at the stars at night.

Below, you’ll find the things HuffPost readers bought this month. Of course, we’ll be keeping tabs on what’s “top shopped” next month, too, so check back.

Check out what HuffPost readers couldn’t get enough of in July.

A pair of sandals for the "camp counselor" look
Since this summer's more about staying in, everyone has been looking for comfortable sandals, especially fashionable flatforms. And the "camp counselor" look, which is all about tie-dye and denim shorts, is in. These Tevas fit the trend.

Find them for $65 at Zappos.
A speaker that you can take just about anywhere
In June, one of our editors featured this speaker on her "would recommend" list, saying that "this little speaker packs a punch." And she's not alone: It has more than 60,000 reviews on Amazon.

Find it for $26 at Amazon.
A pair of pull-on pants that are super stylish
Back in the Before Times, we rounded up stretchy work pants that wouldn't look out of place at the office. Now, we can't imagine putting on a pair of jeans. While we updated the list, these Everlane pants stayed a popular choice this month.

Find them for $58 at Everlane.
A face mask that'll go with everything
Hedley & Bennett
Face masks are just a part of our lives now, so you might add a filter to yours or find a face mask holder. These masks from Hedley & Bennett have been a HuffPost reader favorite.

Find one for $22 at Hedley & Bennett.
Lots and lots of cups of coffee
Blue Bottle
There are coffee drinkers and then there are those who are very particular about using a French press or crave a cappuccino first thing in the morning. For coffee lovers who like to try out something new, you might just try a coffee subscription for lattes that'll never be late. And Blue Bottle's become a favorite with HuffPost readers.

Check out Blue Bottle's shop and subscriptions.
Blue-light blocking glasses for all that screen time
Yeah, we've all been spending lots of time staring at screens these days. There are those who swear by blue-light blocking glasses, like this pair that comes in a classic shape, so you might give them a try.

Find them for $16 at Amazon.
An at-home workout that one of our editors reviewed
A few months back, people were panic-buying Pelotons. Workout gear and athletic wear, as from Girlfriend Collective, have been especially popular during quarantine. If you're looking for an at-home workout, you might try out P.volve, which one of editors reviewed.

Check out P.volve's workout program.
A, uh, "sexy" face shield
We're living through some strange times, so it's no surprise that our trends are weird, too. And sexy face shields are a thing now, apparently. But if it'll make everyone keep her distance, we're down. This one combines both the bucket hat trend and face shield trend in one.

Find it for $11 at Amazon.
A comfortable romper made of organic cotton
If you're going to be living in loungewear nowadays, it should be as comfortable as possible. These Lunya pajamas, which one of our writers got her hands on, are definitely a luxury but ever so worth it.

Find them for $168 at Lunya.
A sanitizer for tablets and other tech
We all could be cleaning our phones and tablets more often. One of our editors tried out PhoneSoap to sanitize her phone. HomeSoap, from the same brand, does the same thing but for other tech.

Find it for $200 at PhoneSoap. Keep in mind that it's only available for preorder right now.
An anti-blister balm for hot summer days
Whether you've been breaking in new sneakers with all your activewear sets or walking all the way to a picnic in the park, you might need this top-rated balm that'll keep the blisters at bay.

Find it for $8 at Amazon.
A cashmere sweater from Everlane's summer sale
Everlane's summer sale kicked off this month, and it wasn't the usual "Choose What You Pay" promotion from the brand. And readers definitely shopped the sale, adding this cashmere wrap sweater to their carts. It's still on sale, too, for a limited time.

Find it for $63 at Everlane.
A set of cotton sheets for a good night's sleep
When it comes to your bed, you probably want to make your sleeping space a sanctuary. This month, we found the best cotton sheets at Amazon so you can rest easy.

Find them for $38 to $42, depending on the size, at Amazon.
A pack of Madewell's printed masks
If you've been on the hunt for more reusable face masks, you might go with ones from Madewell, which are made with leftover fabric. HuffPost readers couldn't get enough of these this month.

Find the pack of three for $20 at Madewell.
Reusable cotton rounds for your 10-step skin care routine
While you might have toned down your makeup routine in recent months, as one of our editors did, you're probably still taking your skin care routine seriously. These reusable cotton rounds, which are a sustainable alternative to cotton balls, made a recent comeback with readers this month after we wrote about them last year.

Find them for $10 at Amazon.