Here's What HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In June 2020

Including a bug spray that's all-natural, office chairs that aren't ugly and a pair of faux leather bike shorts with a bit of an edge.

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With another month gone, it’s time to see what HuffPost readers bought in June.    
With another month gone, it’s time to see what HuffPost readers bought in June.    

It’s the end of the month, so it’s time for our series “Top Shopped,” where we find out what HuffPost readers bought throughout the month. This time around, we’re checking out what readers added to their carts in June.

If May was all about a comforter that’s like a cloud, bouquets of fresh flowers and affordable packs of face masks, then June was about seeing the great outdoors from a distance — a natural bug spray recommended by Consumer Reports and bike shorts with pockets for a run were among the fan favorites for this month.

Readers also couldn’t get enough of office chairs that are supportive and still stylish, like this sleek faux leather one with and gold arms and legs and another with a velvet seat that definitely looks luxurious.

Below, you can check out some of what HuffPost readers bought this month. Of course, we’ll be keeping tabs on what’s “top shopped” next month, too.

Check out what HuffPost readers couldn’t get enough of in June:

A bug spray that's all-natural
Say bye to bugs bugging you with this natural bug spray that's one of the best ones out there, according to Consumer Reports. It's DEET-free and repels (like its name says) mosquitos and ticks.

Find the pack of two for $14 at Amazon.
A pair of bike shorts with pockets
Bike shorts are quickly becoming the biggest trend this summer. They're easy to wear and ever-so-comfortable. You might go for the matching bra and bike short look that Girlfriend Collective's all about. But these Lululemon shorts with pockets were the reader favorite.

Find them for $68 at Lululemon.
Affordable dupes to Birkenstocks
Our editors were obsessed with Freedom Moses sandals last month. These colorful dupes to Birkenstocks are usually less than $50 and come in glitter colors and prints like leopard. You can find them at places like J.Crew, Shopbop and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Find these for $40 at Shopbop.
A stylish office chair that'll fit into your aesthetic
Let's face it: Office chairs can be ugly. And if you're working from home, you might be looking for a chair that'll give your support and still be stylish. This chair does just that.

Find it on sale for $170 at Wayfair.
A bralette for days when a real bra won't do
This Calvin Klein bralette was marked down during Amazon's "Big Style Sale." Good news: It's still on sale in select colors and sizes if you've decided to cancel your real bras.

Find it on sale for $19 at Amazon. Prices might vary depending on the size and color.
A mask that comes with filters already
With masks now a part of our daily lives, readers have been flocking to find them online, especially ones that come with filters. Etsy's filled with handmade masks, and this pack, which includes a mask and five filters, has been popular.

Find this pack for $10 on Etsy.
A pair of leggings with a leg up above the rest
There were lots of deals on Core10 leggings during Amazon's first-ever "Big Style Sale," and this pair was a favorite among readers. The side lacing definitely makes these special. This pair comes in plus sizes, too.

Find them for $45. Prices may vary depending on the size and color.
A pair of oxfords for around the home office
These oxfords have been on sale since Memorial Day. They're half off right now and made of stretch-knit that'll be easy on your feet.

Find them on sale for $90 at Nordstrom.
A desk chair that'll have you feeling super professional
It's a conference chair that you can definitely take all your calls in. And it'll fit right into your home office.

Find it on sale for $266 at Wayfair.
A set of minimalist gold bar earrings
BrowneyedCapricorn / Etsy
There are so many creatives at Etsy — so we spotlighted Black-owned Etsy jewelry shops to support always. Readers loved these gold bar earrings from shop BrowneyedCapricorn. It's no wonder why — these earrings will go with just about everything.

Find them for $38 at Etsy.
A celestial face mask from a Black-owned Etsy shop
TheOraclesHaven / Etsy
Where you spend your money matters. Earlier this month, we rounded up Black-owned Etsy shops that sell face masks, and these celestial face masks from TheOraclesHaven has been a big hit.

Find it for $15 on Etsy.
A pair of faux leather bike shorts that are pretty badass
Like we said, bike shorts are big right now. These faux leather ones will give your t-shirt and sneakers a little bit of an edge.

Find them for $68 at Spanx.
A rattan bag that'll be a summertime staple
One of our editors spotted this bag on sale during Amazon's first-ever "Big Style Sale." While the sale might be over, this crossbody is still almost half-off.

Find it on sale for $28 at Amazon.
A writing desk that's perfect for small spaces
This desk won't take up too much room — so you can finally have a space for your books and laptop. Now you can sit back and clear out your inbox.

Find it on sale for $75 at Wayfair.
A lip balm that can handle the heat
You definitely should be slathering on sunscreen this summer. And you definitely can't forgot to give your lips some protection against the sun and under all of those face masks. This top-rated lip balm is meant to help soothe chapped and cracked lips.

Find it for $4 at Amazon.