Here's What HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In May 2020

Including a Buffy comforter that's like a cloud, bouquets of fresh flowers and affordable packs of face masks.

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A break from cooking in, a comforter that's like a cloud, fresh flowers — these were a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in May.
A break from cooking in, a comforter that's like a cloud, fresh flowers — these were a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in May.

Before we say goodbye to May and welcome summer, it’s time to reflect on what HuffPost readers shopped for this month.

If April was getting into the groove of self-isolating with Le Creuset Dutch ovens, a highly rated CBD body lotion and easy-to-install bidets, then May was about practical finds to switch up the routine of social distancing — including getting packs of affordable and adjustable face masks and replacing old slippers with an UGG slide sandal that’s just as comfortable.

Readers also couldn’t get enough of new bedding, including a weighted comforter from Brooklinen and another one from Buffy with almost 20,000 reviews.

The HuffPost Finds team has been keeping an eye on what catches readers’ attention. Below, you can check out some of what HuffPost readers bought this month.

Check out what HuffPost readers couldn’t get enough of in May:

A sporty slide sandal
This sandal, hiding in Nordstrom's sale, was a big hit with readers. The strap's made from mesh and the footbed's meant to be cushy — so you can put your fur-trimmed slippers away for the summer and slip into these. And they're still on sale right now. Find them for $52 at Nordstrom.
A pack of affordable and adjustable face masks
LA Apparel
Lots of brands have moved to making their own face masks, including Reformation, Old Navy and Madewell. We asked the experts all about what you should look for in face mask — keep an eye out for ones made of cotton and find filters for them, if you can. These masks from LA Apparel were a popular among readers. Find the pack of three for $30 at LA Apparel.
A Freshly meal for one
Social distancing probably has you cooking up lots of dinners, and you might need a break from meal prepping. Readers gobbled up Freshly , which delivers fully prepared meals that you just have to heat up. Each meal is sized for one person and one sitting. Check out Freshly's menu.
A comforter that feels like a cloud
You don't want to toss and turn after a long day. And readers really caught some Z's this month by trying out Buffy's popular comforter, which has a 4.8-star rating and almost 20,000 reviews. You can try it out for free before buying, too. Find it starting at $129 at Buffy.
Bouquets of fresh flowers
Terrain was a popular place to shop for fresh flowers. (It seems like lots of readers sent flowers to their moms who they couldn't see in person on Mother's Day.) Get a bouquet for yourself there, or look into buying a plant. Check out the fresh flowers at Terrain.
A pair of super soft slip-ons for guys
You need shoes that'll go wherever you go. Even if it's just to the kitchen. These slip-ons are perfect for lounging around or when you don't want to lace up your sneakers for a quick errand. Find them for $95 at Allbirds.
A weighted comforter for more sleeping and less counting sheep
One of our editors swears by her weighted blanket. And while you may do pretty much everything in bed these days — sleep, eat, work, watch TV — you want to just feel like you're on a cloud at the end of the day. This weighted comforter has loops that'll connect to your duvet cover. Sleep tight. Find it starting at $249 at Brooklinen.
A hands-free vibrator that's partners-optional
This little vibrator made our list way back in January (which feels forever ago!), and it made a triumphant return this month. In the age of social distancing, everyone's just trying to stay entertained. Check out our ultimate guide to sex toys, which includes this one from Dame that's $135.
A coffee table for a living room upgrade
After weeks of staying in, you might be feeling like you need a (safe) change of scenery. You could change up your space, like swapping a table for standing desk or bringing your office outdoors. If your living room could use a makeover, you can't go wrong with this coffee table, which has a 4.5-star rating. Find it for $240 at Wayfair.
Trousers that are red hot
Nordstrom didn't have an official Memorial Day sale, but the brand that's a favorite with HuffPost readers does have items up to 60% off now. And these red pants are ideal when you want to get dressed up when working from home. Find them for $60 at Nordstrom.
A sports bra that's just a zip above the rest
Real bras are canceled for now — all hail bralettes. But if you're looking for more support, you could go with a sports bra. And you only have to zip this one up. Find it for $36 at REI.
A Nespresso coffee maker to make lots of lattes
Bed Bath & Beyond
This Nespresso coffee maker was probably the best deal we saw over Memorial Day weekend, and it was at the most unexpected place: Bloomingdale's. It's back to its original price at Bloomingdale's now, but Bed Bath & Beyond still has it on sale. Find it for $147 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
A skillet that's sizzling for a second time in a row
Le Creuset
ICYMI: Le Creuset dropped its first-ever sitewide sale, and this skillet was a HuffPost reader favorite in April. It made a comeback this month after the sale ended. Luckily, it's still discounted. Find it for $110 at Le Creuset.
A set of ear savers for when your mask feels too tight
Etsy / ComfyMountain
If your face mask feels a little too tight around your ears, here's an easy fix: Get an ear guard. These crocheted ones can clip to the back of your head. Find the set of three for $10 at Etsy.
A cooler version of sweatpants for the summer
Sweater weather is rapidly becoming sweaty weather, so you might be ready to put away your sweatpants for a bit. These linen joggers will be just as comfortable but offer some breathing room. Find them for $59 at Nordstrom.