Here's What HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In November

Including a cordless Dyson vacuum for cleaning days, cotton robe that feels like a cloud and an adult toy that actually works for couples.

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The end of the month means a new edition of our "Top Shopped" series.
The end of the month means a new edition of our "Top Shopped" series.

Is it just us or did November fly by for you, too? Before you rip November off completely from your calendars, we’re bringing back one of our favorite series: “Top Shopped,” in which we see what HuffPost readers added to their carts throughout the month.

November was a busy month for the shopping editors at HuffPost Finds, since, well, everyone was having a sale. This edition of “Top Shopped” is coming to you a little later that usual — usually, we save it for the very end of the month but since Cyber Week was right up until Nov. 30, we waited to bring you November’s series.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into what readers bought in November. This month, readers really splurged on themselves (you deserve it after this unusual year!), buying high-ticket items that are normally pretty pricey including Parachute pillowcases, Dyson vacuums and Le Creuset cookware.

If October was all about beauty finds like a mascara for long lashes and vitamin C serum, November was a month about treating ourselves to things that might have been on our wishlists for awhile. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and Mirror for workouts at home shot to the top of “Top Shopped.”

Below, you’ll find the things HuffPost readers bought this month. If you’re wondering, here’s what readers couldn’t get enough of in October and September. Of course, we’ll be keeping tabs on what’s “top shopped” in December so check back soon.

Take a look at November’s “Top Shopped”:

The Always Pan that's taken over the internet
Our Place
For Black Friday, Our Place's Always Pan dropped its price tag to just $95. It's a deal too good to pass up (and one readers couldn't resist), especially since this pan can do just about anything from boiling to braising. While it may no longer be on sale, you still might want to try out this famous pan for yourself to see what all the hype was about. Find it for $145 at Our Place.
A slime gel that can actually clean just about anything
This slime cleaner has become quite a favorite among HuffPost readers in recent months — it has shot to the top of the list this month. Does it look absolutely ridiculous? Sure, but with over 12,000 reviews, it's worth checking out. It can clean those nooks and crannies around the house so cleaning day isn't too much of a hassle. Find it for $9 at Amazon.
A cordless Dyson vacuum for cleaning days
You usually have to wait for big shopping holidays to see markdowns on Dyson's popular products. And Dyson vacuums are always a hot-ticket item. Lots of them were on sale during Cyber Week, but this cordless Dyson vacuum is still in stock and on sale. It comes with an extra cleaner head for hard floors and is designed to clean any room in the house. Find it on sale for $250 at Dyson.
A mirror, mirror on the wall
One of our shopping editors called Mirror's Black Friday deal "the best of the best Black Friday fitness deals." It was more than $500 off during Cyber Week. And readers really ran to it — despite it's high price tag. The Mirror works like a personal trainer and you can tell if you're actually getting that yoga pose right in the reflection. Find it for $1495 at Mirror.
An adult toy that actually works for couples
It was it the cart of one of our editors this Black Friday: Dame's Eva II is a hands-free vibrator that's perfect for couples. This sex toy has flexible wings and a three speed motor. It has a 4.4-star rating over more than 700 reviews, so this little vibrator is doing something right. Find it for $135 at Dame.
A streaming stick to watch "The Queen's Gambit"
Lots of us are turning to TV to get through these unusual times. So it's no surprise that readers tuned into this deal: The Fire TV Stick 4K is 40% off right now (yes, even past Black Friday!). It's probably the most popular Fire TV Stick since you can stream in 4K and has access to features like Dolby Vision. And of course, the streaming stick allows you to watch tons of episodes and movies. Find it for $30 at Amazon.
A cotton robe that feels like a cloud
Parachute is known for its sheets and robes. When the brand offered 20% off for Cyber Week, readers definitely took advantage of the discount. And the Cloud Cotton Robe was a top-seller. It is made from Turkish cotton and has two hidden side pockets. While the deal is no longer live, this robe would be the perfect gift for a partner or parent. Find it for $99 at Parachute.
The Dyson hair dryer with quite the reputation
Dyson's Supersonic hair dryer has reached legendary status on the internet. The dryer is supposed to help avoid " extreme heat damage" and dry your hair fast. It's almost never marked down (seriously, you have to wait for a Sephora sale). Even on Black Friday, you couldn't count on getting a discount. But what you could count on was two free gifts (including a stand and brush) when you purchased it. And you can still get those gifts when you buy the dryer at Dyson. Find it for $400 at Dyson.
The hottest hot brush on the internet
Okay so price tag on the Dyson hair dryer might have made your heart flutter. But there's a hot brush that's become a cult-favorite on all corners of the web, too, that's much more affordable. Revlon's One-Step is so popular that we had to try it ourselves (spoiler alert: we liked it!). This hot brush not only dries your hair, but helps give it some volume as well. It was a hot item with readers and is still actually on sale for $45 (originally $60) and has a $10 off coupon that you can add at checkout (making it almost half-off). Find it for $35 at Amazon when you apply a coupon at checkout.
A Cuisinart cookware set to get cooking
"Black November" brought cookware deals before, during and even after Black Friday. But it was this deal on an 11-piece Cuisinart set of pots and pans that rose above the rest. Originally $300, this set is just $100 at the moment. It includes a stock pot, sauté pan, sauce pans and skillets. Find the set for $100 at Wayfair.
A set of beeswax food wraps that are the bee's knees
These beeswax food wraps from Bee’s Wrap have become a popular product for HuffPost readers, especially as they are a sustainable alternative to plastic and paper towels in the kitchen. They're made of organic cotton that's been infused with beeswax that's been sustainably sourced, jojoba oil and tree resin. You can use it to help keep food fresh. Find the set for $18 at Amazon.
A linen pillowcase set for sweet dreams
Like we mentioned before, readers couldn't help but shop Parachute's Black Friday sale. Parachute is known for its bedding and this pillowcase set was added to plenty of carts. These pillowcases are made with linen crafted in Portugal. Even though they aren't on sale now, these pillowcases would be a splurge-worthy gift to get yourself for the holidays. Find the set starting for $59 at Parachute.
A Le Creuset sauteuse for soups and stews
We spotted this deal at Wayfair a mile away from Black Friday. Though the deal dropped early, you can still snag it now. From famous French cookware brand Le Creuset, this sauteuse is made for one-pot meals, featuring a wide base that can brown the ingredients for dinner. Find it for $180 at Wayfair.
A set of stretch lids to put a lid on it
These stretch lids have been popular in the past and they've become a top item once again in November. For leftovers or half a lime, these silicone covers can replace all those lids you've lost over the years. The set even includes smaller caps to put over wine, beer and soda bottles. Find the set for $8 at Amazon. Here's the other top-rated stretch lid set that's been especially popular with readers this month, too.
A Dutch oven that's much more cheaper than Le Creuset
Another one of the cookware deals that we spotted earlier in the month, this Martha Stewart Dutch oven is more than $100 off now. It's ideal for slow cooking and baking casseroles in. This Dutch oven is made with enamel and cast iron, making it look a lot like something from Le Creuset. Find it for $56 with code FRIEND at Macy's.
A spice rack organizer for your cumin and cinnamon
If you tend to use tons of spices in your cooking, you can turn to this reader favorite. This spice rack organizer holds up to 40 pounds' worth of things and has a non-slip surface. The one set includes two shelves. Find it for $28 at Amazon.
A serum to get a face full of glow and dew
Glossier doesn't usually do sales, so when the company did on Black Friday, our editors had to shop on the site. A favorite with one of our editors, the brand's Futuredew gives your face that dewy look that's very in right now. While the sale is over, this serum is worth highlighting. Find it for $24 at Glossier.
A Philips electric toothbrush for those pearly whites
Remember to floss. This Philips electric toothbrush was a popular choice in November for those tired of brushing the old-fashioned way. It comes with a pressure sensor to let you know when you're being too hard on your teeth and two minute timer to make sure your pearly whites stay white. Find it on sale for $40 at Amazon.
A sweater with perfectly puffed sleeves
The start of sweater weather means that readers wanted to get their winter wardrobe ready. This Topshop cropped sweater was a popular pick, featuring trends like roll-neck and puffed sleeves. And it's currently still on sale. Find it on sale for $46 at Nordstrom.
A pair of top-rated AirPods
Apple AirPods Pro might be sold out on Amazon at the moment but you can get the next best thing: The Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. Originally $200, these are 30% off now. These have an easy setup to connect your devices to, with "seamless switching between devices." Find them on sale for $140 at Amazon.
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