Findus Frozen Beef Lasagne Found To Contain Up To 100 Percent Horsemeat


Love horsemeat? Then buy Findus frozen lasagne; you’re almost guaranteed to eat it.

The European food company is dealing with what one analyst called a “PR nightmare and disaster" after tests found that its beef lasagne contained up to 100 percent horsemeat, according to the Guardian. The scandal comes as the company is struggling financially and looking to cut costs under the ownership of private equity firm Lion Capital.

Findus apologized for the lasagne drama on its website. “We understand those concerns, we are sorry that we have let people down and we want to outline the facts," the company wrote. “We do not believe this is a food safety issue.”

Jokers took to the internet Friday to mock the company following the horsemeat revelations. Memes included Spaghetti Bologneighs and Deep Philly Beef Lasagne.

Findus pulled the meat lasagne off shelves Monday in Britain, two days after the company found out that the product contained 60 to 100 percent horsemeat, according to a separate Guardian report. It also recalled its lasagne from shelves in Sweden Friday.

Findus is just one of many companies with products believed to be tainted by horsemeat. Last month 10 million burgers from a variety of companies were pulled from shelves in Ireland and England. Burger King’s brand reputation in the U.S. and the U.K. dropped after the company admitted last month that some of its burgers sold in the U.K. and Ireland may have been tainted with horsemeat.

The source of the horsemeat is still unknown, and countries are fighting to not be held responsible. Irish food safety officials earlier this week said that the “beef” coming to the country from Poland was found to contain up to 75 percent horsemeat. Polish officials shot back Thursday, saying they still needed more evidence to back up Ireland’s claims.

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