27 Of The Hottest Photos From The Fire Island Pines Party 2015

July 25 marked the return of the all-night Pines Party fundraiser on New York's Fire Island, and for many gay men in the Tri-State area, it was the place to see and be seen this weekend.

The 2015 incarnation featured an "Emerald City" theme, and as these sizzling photos attest, revelers went to creative lengths to incorporate Dorothy's ruby slippers, Glinda's pink tulle and munchkin garb into their spirited attire -- and there was no shortage of lions, tigers and, of course, bears at the gay beach fete, too. 

Sand, surf and skin aside, the annual party also has a charitable aim. In previous years, proceeds from the event have gone to the Tyler Clementi Foundation, New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth, the Stonewall Community Foundation and other advocacy groups.  

Take a look at 27 of the hottest photos from the Fire Island Pines Party below.

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