Food Finger Condoms Are A Huge Hit In Korea, Apparently

It'll protect you from most things, but not all.

We're just mad we didn't think of it first.

After resurfacing on reddit again yesterday, we became transfixed by the oddest invention we've seen in a while.

Called the "Finger Nap," these plastic sanitary gloves look sort of like finger condoms, but they're used to eat hamburgers, donuts, pizza and any other type of oily food. For those of us who've found ourselves accidentally elbow-deep in grease, sauce or sugar, this is a pretty perfect concept. (Except for the fact that it doesn't actually go up to your elbows.)

finger nap

Similar to the Trongs we have in America, Finger Naps are touted as a "great help to children and the elderly" (no word on why middle-aged people are excluded), and the product is found primarily in Korea.

Certain restaurants in the country even come with Finger Nap dispensaries, making them as common as napkins or other utensils.

finger nap

Though we're not quite sure how we can casually begin introducing these into American culture, the (supposedly) "eco-friendly" plastic protectors sure seem like they would save us a lot of napkins.

Here are some action shots of Finger Naps being put to the test:

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