Walking on the trail the other night close to dark I greeted the only other person still walking. She turned around laughing and said, "Did you just say good morning?" I stopped, turned around laughing and said, "I sure could have." She answered, "You definitely said good morning or else I would never have turned around." We cracked up. Charlotte introduced herself and asked if she could join me on the walk down.

It was one of those serendipitous conversations as we had many life experiences in common and favorite places on the east coast. She's a writer and told me she is a fan of completing and in fact invented a word year ago when she needed the impetus to complete things--finishiative!!!

What a great word...finishiative. I was grateful for her perfect timing as I have been desperately in need of it this week. My desk in-box has been stacking up and I had absolutely no interest in processing it. I am sure you can relate. I needed a nudge or maybe a kick! And there it was with inspiration in a fun word. So I girded up my finishiative and just picked up that first thing on top of the in-box and decided that next action and kept doing that with each thing until that box was EMPTY! And funny enough it didn't take that long. It never does.

Unlocking all the energy stored in that stagnant in-box was a reminder that waiting actually takes more effort than the doing.

I am grateful for having back my finishiative to keep flowing in a forward motion.

Martha Invitations
1. Look for what is clogging up your attention begging to be finished.
2. Pick up your finishiative and keep things moving.
3. Cheer yourself forward to completing anything that is stacking up.