Finnair Will Open Unisex Sauna At Helsinki Airport

Strip Down And Get Sweaty At Finnair's Unisex Sauna

You've always wanted to strip down and sweat next to your seatmate.... right?

In perhaps the most Finnish move ever, Finnair, the country's flag carrier, will open a unisex sauna at its new premium lounge at Helsinki Airport, CNN reports.

And while the concept of sweating one out pre-flight us, the Fins love their saunas.

The sauna fits into Finnair's nearly 4,400 square foot Nordic-themed lounge, which also features Finnish-designed homewear and video projections that reflect the season and time of day. The lounge is set to be open to travelers by July 1.

"Our aim was to create a high-quality, even emotional experience for Finnair's demanding clients," designer Vertti Kivi said in a press release. "Different zones for work, refreshment, silence or bathing are unified with a light Scandinavian design touch, creating a space that clients won't forget."

While saunas are traditionally a nude experience, Finnair recommends the use of towels, according to CNN.

Would you strip down and sauna before taking off on your next flight?

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