FinTech, Digitalization & Innovation - Educational Conference

Circle Of Local Ambitious Innovative Entrepreneurs invites to a half-day, educational conference in Zurich on the 7th of September 2016 - Innovate outside the Comfort Zone


Swiss Banking Advisory was established in 2007. Between 2007 and 2008 we have built a community around the subject of innovation and creativity in banking to which we have invited 27 times. We are occasionally hired by banks and boutique consultancies as project manager. We published a book with publishing house Springer in 2014 called „Banks of the Future". In case you have the e-book version of the book, you can easily search for some of the most innovative people of our time covered in the book. By providing regular , educational conferences we would like to educate busy people about new solutions available in the market like Insurance & Innovation and to enable them to connect with innovative speakers. Based on our experience, the optimal size of the audience for such a conference is around 70-80 attendees. The conferences can only be attended by invitation. You can join us as a company via "Contact" which enables one or several of your employees to attend our conferences.

Every two months we provide an educational conference with a defined focus. The focus of the upcoming conference will be these topics:

1- Our speakers will be senior female managers or innovative female entrepreneurs who present ideas that might be outside the comfort zone of financial institutions

2- Innovative solutions that can be used by financial institutions or by their clients via a service that will be introduced

3- The target audience are either executives from financial institutions, large clients of financial institutions or investors in innovations

By building an innovative community that supports and educates the day-to-day business on a number of diversified subjects, we aim to support exploring new paths of thinking. You can sponsor us to enable the invitation of innovators from abroad or, alternatively, you can support us by providing resources or central locations. In case your intention is getting involved in our activities first and to get educated, then you are the right member for the community. ReadMore