Fiona Apple Sends A Big 'F**k You' To Trump At Standing Rock Benefit Concert

The crowd loved it.

Fiona Apple has a message for Donald Trump, and it’s not congratulatory.

On Sunday, the singer performed her anti-Trump “Christmas Song” parody, “Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” at a Standing Rock benefit concert in Los Angeles.

The track, which Apple released earlier this month, features lyrics like: “Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire / As he keeps nipping at his foes / You’ll cry creepy uncle / Every time he arrives / or he keeps clawing at your clothes.”

As she performed the tune, with the help of a jazzy backing band, the crowd laughed and cheered at the words. When it came time for the final line, Apple yelled, “Donald Trump, f**k you,” into the mic, letting her true feelings show. In response, the audience went wild.

You can watch the whole performance above.

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