Fiona Apple Talks Jail Experience: Singer Makes Allegations Of 'Inappropriate' & 'Illegal' Conduct (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fiona Apple Tells Audience About Jail Experience

Following her arrest on Wednesday for drug possession, singer Fiona Apple shared the details of her jail time experience with the lucky audience at her Houston show on Friday night.

The 35-year-old singer was arrested at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas after a routine check by patrol officers turned up .01 pounds of marijuana, and .01 pounds of hashish, according to police. Apple was taken to Hudspeth County jail, and was released on Sept. 20 after posting a $10,000 bond.

Last night, she made her first public statement about the experience, and claimed that people associated with her arrest, acted in an "inappropriate and probably illegal" manner:

"Now, most of the people were very nice to me. There are four of you out there, and I want you to know that I heard everything you did. I wrote it all down with your names and everything you did and said stupidly thinking that I couldn't hear or see you. I then ripped the paper up, but not before I encoded it and-- I got two lock boxes. We'll call them "holding cell one" and "holding cell two". In "holding cell one" is the encoded version of the shit that you did that I know was inappropriate and probably illegal. In "holding cell two" is the decoder. I'm the only one who holds the key, and you and I will be intimate forever because I will hold that secret forever. Unless of course the celebrity that you had so much interest in but you wanted to accuse me of bringing up while you laughed at me all night? Unless you're interested in being a celebrity, I'll make you f**king famous any time you ask and I'll open those boxes. So why don't you stay in your f**king holding cell?"

We're not exactly sure what went down, but that explanation rivals speech she gave at the 1997 MTV Video Music Award, where she said:

"This world is bullshit, and you shouldn't model your life on what we think is cool, and what we're wearing and what we're saying."

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