'Fire And Fury' Might Be Coming Soon To A Screen Near You

The best-selling tale of palace intrigue will be shopped around to networks.

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is headed down a well-trodden path: After selling out in bookstores across the country, a production company has scooped up rights to adapt it for the screen.

Endeavor Content has purchased film and television rights to the explosive tell-all and reportedly plans to adapt it into a TV series. The deal is said to be in the million-dollar range, according to The Hollywood Reporter

A network is not yet attached to the project and details on what shape it could take are not available.

Wolff will reportedly be involved in the project’s development as an executive producer, alongside former BBC executive Michael Jackson, per Variety.

Earlier this month, publisher Henry Holt & Co. was compelled to release the book four days before its scheduled date after lawyers for President Donald Trump attempted to stop its distribution. The sensational book, a product of Wolff’s months of access to the Trump administration, painted the White House as a place of chaos helmed by an unstable and reluctant politician, and the president has repeatedly said the book contains false accounts.

Fire and Fury debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times’ best-seller list based on only two days of sales, and it continues to top charts. 

Creators have already shown interest in series centered around current and recent political drama. The most recent season of “American Horror Story” drew inspiration from the 2016 election, and the team behind “Zero Dark Thirty” was said to be cooking up a 10-part miniseries on the same event last spring.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, HBO recently scrapped a planned series based on the 2016 presidential election after journalist Mark Halperin, who was involved, was accused of sexual misconduct.