Fire Crews Save Cat Found Dangling From Grate By Her Neck

The poor creature was barely breathing when firefighters arrived on the scene.

Fire crews in New England used dish soap to free a curious cat who got her head stuck in the grate of a storm drain.

The 1-year-old kitty was discovered dangling by her neck from a sewer cover in Winchendon, Massachusetts, on Thursday. It’s believed she found her way inside the storm drain and then became trapped while trying to get out.

When we arrived the cat was barely breathing and moving as she was hanging from the grate,” the Winchendon Fire Department posted on Facebook.

Two crew members removed the grate and stood it up on its side so the cat could breathe, according to the post. Then, when the cat’s unidentified owner arrived on the scene, they asked him to bring some dish soap.

“We applied it around the cat’s neck, we slowly worked his head back into the grate and within a couple minutes we freed the cat,” the department wrote.

The cat was immediately reunited with her owner. The department described it as a “feel good animal story” and praised the “strong work” of its crew.

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