FIRE EVERYONE: It's Time To Clean House In The DNC

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Ok so don't fire EVERYONE. But wow did they screw us in this one. To be honest, in the face of all the mounting evidence of their corruption and incompetence, which didn't surprise me in the least, my attitude was still one of pragmatism, which I suppose in retrospect could also qualify as complacency. I generally don't trust politicians. I generally don't trust people with money in positions of power to truly be in it for anything more than their own personal gain. Given the systemic racism woven into the fabric of our society, I trust them even less if they're white. Sorry not sorry. I've read enough about American history to know how shit usually works in that regard. That being said, I was willing to accept that politics is a dirty, corrupt game and people like Hillary Clinton are masterful at playing it. Even though I found it disturbing and disappointing the way they colluded to knock Sanders out of the running and were incompetent enough to get caught doing it, once what was done was done I encouraged people to vote Clinton because the alternative seemed so terrifying. And given the situation I don't regret voting for her. She was our best shot at winning once Bernie was shut out. But we all see now how that turned out.

The DNC was playing business as usual. They were living in a political fantasy like it was the 1990s. They were wrapped up tight inside a bubble of corruption and delusion and corporate interests where they willingly ignored and then acted to diffuse a progressive sentiment among their own constituents that was sweeping through the country, while simultaneously dismissing the churning disenfranchisement among poor and working class peoples in Trump's base. Their disdain for millennial progressives and dismissal of the other side, whom they saw as ignorant, uneducated trash was palpable. We saw it in their own words in those emails. Their egregious disregard for fairness, integrity or any sort of political accountability for their many, many missteps was embarrassing and shameful. It's unfortunate and infuriating but not at all surprising that record numbers of people just didn't bother to vote at all.

The Democratic leadership needs to be held accountable for this. We should absolutely call for the resignations of key players in this mess. Many were already forced out by the email leaks. Donna Brazile, for example, has absolutely got to go as well. We can see now what havoc our own complacency has allowed these people to wreak upon us. They bet on their own smug sense of superiority to the actual will of the people, and they lost it for all of us. And they didn't just lose it to some shit Republican career politician. They lost it to THAT guy. If that isn't reason alone that we might as well torch the entire party and start over again from the ashes I don't know what is. It's time to be vocal and active. Protests, petitions, coalitions, activism, and not just for things that are unlikely to happen, like the abolition of the Electoral College or overturning the election results. While we throw our hopes to those more elusive goals let's really focus on taking our own leadership to task and demanding that they stop ignoring what we've all known for years now and what they refused to see. The game has been irreparably changed. We need deep, fundamental changes if we're going to come back and win the next round.