Massive Fire Engulfs GE Plant In Kentucky (LIVE VIDEO)

Firefighters are battling a blaze that engulfed a GE plant overnight, while residents within a half-mile in Louisville, Kentucky were ordered to stay inside.

It wasn't immediately clear what started the 4-alarm fire at Building Six of the Appliance Park complex early Friday, but the Courier-Journal reports that GE uses it as a storage facility and leases it out to private suppliers.

The building was quickly evacuated, and there weren't any injuries, according to Business Insider. Building Six is considered a total loss. It's unclear how many workers were inside when the building erupted.

USA Today reports:

Appliance Park is the 1,000-acre headquarters of GE Consumer & Industrial, GE's appliances division that is expected to become a division of Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux later this year. About 6,000 GE employees work in the industrial park, which has at least 15 buildings.

However, Building 6 has been leased out since GE's air-conditioning operations were sold decades ago. Derby Supply Chain Solutions, which assembles, packages, warehouses and distributes products, has its logistics operations in the building.

The Louisville area got four inches of rain overnight, and there are reports of heavy flooding.



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