'Fire In My Belly', Banned From Smithsonian, Now Playing At The New Museum (EXPLICIT VIDEO)

WATCH: New Museum Showing Controversial Art Banned From Smithsonian

After House GOP Leader John Boehner forced the Smithsonian to remove an excerpt of artist David Wojnarowicz's video "A Fire in My Belly", other museums around the country are stepping forward to post the video. The New Museum in New York is now showing the film in its lobby, as is the CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles.

From The New Museum's website:

"The film, A Fire in My Belly, A Work in Progress (1986-87) is a poetic meditation on man, life, death, faith, and suffering made in part as a response to the AIDS-related death of his close friend, artist Peter Hujar"

Represensative Boehner and fellow Congressman Eric Cantor attacked the piece as "an outrageous use of taxpayer money and an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season."

Lisa Phillips, director of the New Museum, explained that the Museum has a history of defending freedom of expression. "We cannot afford to take hard won civil liberties for granted and need to remain vigilant and protect artistic freedom."

WATCH for yourself:

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