Sun, Sex And Sculpted Timber: How Architecture Shaped Fire Island Pines

“Orgy is a grand old tradition of Fire Island,” wrote New York Magazine in 1972.

The Hamptons’ party-going cousin, south of Long Island, New York, didn’t earn its reputation for nothing. In the mid-twentieth century is was a place to see and be seen; a place where good times could be found, particularly for the sexually-liberated young man.

Fire Island Pines, its upmarket gay resort, hosted near-naked black tie galas and impromptu fashion shows by Diane von Furstenburg in its pomp. Calvin Klein called the Pines home and Truman Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” from one of its beach houses. At its peak, 1979’s “Party of the Century” was such a hot ticket even the owner of Studio 54 struggled to get in.

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