Slow-Motion Video Makes Getting Slapped In The Face With A Fiery Hand Look Pretty Damn Cool

The magic of slow-motion video can make even bizarre or unremarkable actions look mind-blowingly cool.

Brothers Todd and Joe Robins of Salt Lake City-based Kuma Films released a new video of them smashing eggs, popping balloons and slapping (a very brave) bearded friend in the face with a flame-covered hand -- all at 1,500 to 3,000 frames per second.

Fiery face slap:

Popping a water balloon:

Putting a raw egg:

"We love finding and filming people that have amazing talents and hobbies," the Robins brothers told The Huffington Post via email Wednesday. "We've also always loved slow motion but never owned a camera that could do this kind of super slow motion."

As luck would have it, the brothers were visited last month by a friend who had such a camera, prompting them to film "some things we've always wanted to see and do in super slow motion," the brothers said.

In addition to bringing the camera, their friend also showed the brothers how to do the fire slap with dish soap, water and butane.

"Our friend in the video wasn't hurt," the Robins said. "Just a few burnt hairs on his beard and he took that fire slap to the face a few times like a champ!"

Kuma Films has plenty of other videos worth checking out, including one of the Taiwanese man who holds two Guinness Word Records for bubble blowing, or a young man who can solve any Rubik's Cube -- one-handed.

Mind. Blown.

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