Michigan Fire Truck Catches Fire in Station Garage, Causing Over $500,000 Of Damage

Turntable ladder, fire engine against dramatic sky - toned image.
Turntable ladder, fire engine against dramatic sky - toned image.

(PLYMOUTH, Mich.) -- A fire truck that burst into flames on Sunday caused over $500,000 worth of damage.

The fire at Plymouth's Fire Station No. 2 began when a fire truck burst into flames and damaged the station to the point that it cannot be used, says the Detroit Free Press.

The station operated on a paid-on-call basis, meaning the firehouse is not staffed at all times. Police officers who were down the hall from the garage smelled smoke at approximately 4 a.m. and went to investigate, said the Free Press.

Officers quickly called a fire crew and the blaze was contained. No one was injured in the fire and two other vehicles in the garage were rushed out of the danger zone.

According to the Free Press, the fire may have been caused by a mechanical failure. The fire department will be moved to a different station that was shut down 18 months ago, but is still in good shape.

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