WATCH: Fire Truck Plunges Into Crater As Section Of California Highway Collapses

Incredibly, no one was injured.

A fire truck fell victim to the violent storm that battered southern California on Friday night.

Dramatic video shows the San Bernardino County Fire District vehicle plunging off the side of the Interstate 15 highway at the Cajon Pass after the road beneath it gave way.

Incredibly, no one was injured. Firefighters had evacuated the truck minutes earlier when the road partially crumbled to leave it teetering on the edge.

The fire crews were attending a big rig that had also toppled off the highway when the incident occurred, according to ABC7’s Eyewitness News, which shared the footage online.

It came as intense rains lashed the area, claiming at least two lives and causing widespread flooding and power outages. Forecasters said the storm, which has brought California’s heaviest rainfall since 2011, would continue well into Saturday, Reuters news agency reports.