Fireball Now Comes In Boxes -- Just In Time For Trump's Inauguration!

It's about to get lit.

Fireball is less of a whiskey and more of a complete and total mistake 98% of the time.

That said, the creators of the cinnamon-flavored alcohol have taken the drink to a new level and are now selling it in a giant box.

Be the MVP your friends need with a #Firebox! #Winning

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If you’ve ever had Fireball, you’re either really excited about this or trying to not gag.

The “Firebox,” as it’s called, is 3.5 liters of Fireball in two 1.75-liter pouches and you can snag it at places like BevMo! for $39.99, which is honestly a bargain.

With that much Fireball, the options of what you can do really run the gamut. You can play Slap the Bag, make Angry Balls (which is arguably the best/only thing you should be doing with Fireball), or just pour all the shots.


We’re not going to say that the Firebox is a revelation, but it’s probably the best addition to the boxed-alcoholic family since Franzia.

And we’re only 6 weeks out from the election, folks. Stock up on your Fireboxes now!

(h/t Thrillist)

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