What Was That Mysterious 'Fireball' That Streaked Across The Oregon Sky? (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Was That Mysterious 'Fireball?'

Sorry, extraterrestrial fanatics. That "fireball" that streaked across the Oregon sky Wednesday morning probably wasn't alien in nature.

Local KOIN meteorologist Bruce Sussman said that the unknown object, which some took for a UFO, was most likely a contrail left in the wake of an aircraft. Sussman "solved" the mystery by analyzing the station's time-lapse footage of the sky.

Previously, the U.S. Strategic Command ruled out the possibility the fireball was a man-made object re-entering the atmosphere, KATU News reported.

Some early morning skywatchers were stumped by the unusual sight, since the object appeared as a bright streak across the sky over east Portland.

If Sussman is correct, it seems sun rays caused the vapor trail to appear ablaze.

But Jim Todd of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has his doubts. While the director of space science education does not believe the fireball is space junk or anything man-made, he couldn't confirm the origin of the object.

"The verdict is still out whether it was a fireball or a contrail," he told local FOX affiliate KPTV.

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