5 Dangerously Delicious Ways To Drink Fireball Whiskey

We dare you to try The Fiery Scream.

Just because we're heading into summer doesn't mean you should hide the spicy stuff: Cinnamon flavored whiskey is a huge industry and growing, and Fireball Whiskey is perched comfortably at the top. Heck, even grandmas love it.

Fireball's an easy shot to swallow on its own, and it's even better when you mix it with a few simple ingredients.

But if you're still a doubter, Cosmo's here to change your mind.

The editors at Cosmopolitan.com put together a few great ideas in the video above, featuring The Fiery Scream (Fireball + ice cream), Dragon's Spit (Fireball + hot sauce) and The Flaming Fireball (just set it on fire).

Fireball and real fire? Sounds like a surefire way to get toasted.

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