Fired Up! Entrepreneurial Passion Fuel

Are you fired up? Is your business based on something you love doing? Do you wake up excited to face the new day and the challenges and opportunities it will bring? Do you consciously understand what you and your business brings to your customer, your team, your local community - society as a whole?

If so, then you have defined and are fueling your business with passion. If you are not able to answer these questions, it may be time to do some homework and uncover the passion that can fuel and re-energize your business.

It is well known in the small business owner/entrepreneurial world that "9 to 5'rs" never seem to understand that true entrepreneurs love the challenge of running the show and not being stuck with a stagnant paycheck. Because entrepreneurs are passionate about what they are doing, they accept that the ups and downs are all part of the attraction of being free to create your own destiny. They certainly love making a living doing what they love.

Passionate Entrepreneurs
Live on Fire and Create More Good!

There are also many people who begin a business without ever defining or knowing what their passion really is. Moreover, they don't take it to the next step and define a higher-purpose, something beyond, indeed above, just making money as the reason they are in business. It's when you have a higher purpose you are passionate to achieve - and that your team feels emotionally invested in accomplishing as well - that your business has the internal fuel to not only manifest higher profits but to do so by making a difference that truly matters.

In fact, many times people start businesses without ever really thinking through the emotional side of what they will be doing. Owning and growing a business is a challenge 90% of the population will never take. Moreover, having a passionless business, one that may only be designed to make money without being something you care about, feel excited to do, fully engage in because you feel it will help others, is just as frustrating and unfulfilling as working a passionless job for others.

The decision to start a business is not a light one and you may run into a lot of resistance from family and friends when you decide to start one. Most the people you know will even think you are crazy for starting a business.

Most People WILL Think You Are Crazy!

Making the decision to be an entrepreneur because you want to make more money or spend more time with the kids sounds good, and is good; but, it only goes part way to giving you lasting motivation to get your business going and creating a strong momentum. Many struggling business owners reply with these simplistic reasons when asked the question "why did you want to own your own business?"

However, when entrepreneurs step back and consider the deeper reasons for why they started their business, they begin to uncover what they truly love about the work they do. When they view their business through this lens, the passion starts to emerge again. They find new motivation and fuel that drives them forward, fuel that doesn't run out. Instead, it keeps their ideas and creativity growing. This empowers everything from decision making, to sales and revenue, to how their brand is perceived.

Passion Powers Every Decision

Taking a look at your own business from this perspective on occasion can really re-ignite your entrepreneurial fires. The day-to-day running of any enterprise can cloud one's focus. It is easy to forget to appreciate what we receive from owning and running our business. One's mindset can become all about the mechanics or the business instead of the passion and motivation behind growing it.

If you are an entrepreneur who feels out of sync with your passion and motivation for owning and growing your business, the solution is to set expectations for each day consciously. Connect with your deeper passion at the start of your day. Begin each day with positive mental images and emotional reminders of your passion for what you do - what you love about it and why you love uplifting your customers.

Focus on the rewards of being an entrepreneur. Feel the gratitude for the success you have. By keeping the fires of passion for what you do in your conscious awareness, you can prime the pump for success every day

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