Firefighter Rescues A Kitten From A Burning House, Catches It All On A GoPro Camera (VIDEO)

This Firefighter Just Rescued A Kitten, And Caught It All On A GoPro

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

The dramatic rescue was shot with a GoPro camera strapped to firefighter Cory Kalanick as he was responding to a call in Fresno, Calif. In the video, Kalanick spots an unconscious kitten lying amid a burned, smoke filled room and immediately takes it to safety and resuscitates him.

The little fellow was later given the name "Lucky."

The Humane Society of the United States strongly recommends you make a disaster plan for both you and your pets in the case of an emergency. Simple steps include IDing your pet, creating a disaster kit with both human and animal inclusions, and of course, taking your pet with you should you evacuate.

Take a look at Kalanick's original rescue video below:

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