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Firefighter Allegedly Had Sex With 8 Women While On Duty

A firefighter's job went up in flames after an investigation uncovered a steamy cell-phone video and sexually explicit emails.

Stephen Coward's 19-year career with the Clearwater, Florida Fire Department came to an end last month after an anonymous package containing the embarrassing material emerged and led to his resignation.

The video shows Coward engaged in intercourse with a woman inside the bathroom of his dormitory room at the firehouse. He's smiling and holding up a cell phone that is recording that sex act in a mirror.

The video and 40 incriminating emails between Coward and another woman were sent anonymously to the Clearwater fire chief in August, sparking the investigation.

A second person came forward anonymously to claim that Coward had sex with as many as eight women while on duty, according to WFTS.

Coward admitted to having sex with two women in the fire station's "workout room, dive truck and his dorm" according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"Lt. Coward again stated there is no excuse for what he did and he is truly sorry and embarrassed for the city," human resources investigators noted in a report obtained by the Times. "There appears to be a need for greater oversight of the fire stations."