Firefighters' Costco Tab Picked Up By Grateful Air Force Wife in Vacaville, Calif.

Firefighters in Vacaville, Calif. were shopping at a Costco over Memorial Day weekend and had to leave the store on an emergency call before they could reach the cashier. When they returned later, however, they not only found their goods waiting for them, they also found a receipt: Someone had footed their $123.25 bill.

"Thanks for being there for us," the good Samaritan wrote. "Have a good weekend."

It was signed, "Air Force Wife."

The firefighters didn't get the chance to meet their benefactor, so they took to Facebook to offer their thanks.

"Whoever did this, we are forever grateful and your kind gesture will not be forgotten," the firefighters posted. "Meals at the firehouse come out of our own pockets and this was beyond generous."

They also posted an image of the receipt:

"During Memorial Day weekend when we should be honoring the military members and their wives and here she is honoring us as firefighters," Jeff Ryder, battalion chief of the Vacaville Fire Department, told CBS Sacramento.

The firefighters pay $25 each per shift for meals, but they told KTVU they're not going to keep the money they saved. Instead, they plan to pay it forward. When they encountered an elderly couple buying flowers for Memorial Day, they covered the bill; and, they said they're planning to host a 90-year-old World War II veteran for dinner soon.



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