Woman Sheds Tears Of Joy As Firefighters Uncover Wedding Rings From Burned Down Home

A glimmer of hope when all feels lost can often make all the difference.

Kathy Besk's home fell victim to one of California's recent wildfires caused by the historic drought affecting the area. And as local firefighters helped pick through the rubble, she stood by and watched in disbelief. She assumed that she had lost literally everything, according to "Good Morning America," when a firefighter presented her with the only surviving items: her wedding ring and her mother's wedding ring.

kathy besk ring
The wedding rings recovered from Besk's burned down home

"We just found my wedding ring of 44 years -- in all of this mess," Besk says in the ABC News video. "God answers prayers, incredibly. Oh my gosh. It's still just as pretty. It still shines."

She was equally as overcome by the uncovering of her mother's ring moments later, because she had promised to pass down that family heirloom to her daughter.

kathy besk ring
Besk and her daughter, Shelley, holding the wedding rings found in the rubble of their burned down home

These personal treasures, commemorating the love and commitment that holds a family together, are often found when their owners least expect it but appreciate it most.

Last year, U.K. woman Brenda Caunter was reunited with her wedding band 41 years after she lost it during one of her gardening afternoons, reported The Daily Mail. Her husband Dave noticed one of their neighbors using a metal detector and asked to borrow it, thinking back to the ring and wondering if he would be able to recover it after all those years had passed. Sure enough, it was waiting there for them all along.

Casey Brooks also lost his wedding ring during a time of leisure, while on a mini vacation with his new bride in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The band slipped off of his finger into high tide while he was out for a swim, he told HuffPost, and despite their best efforts, the couple failed to find it. After assuming he would never see it again, an anonymous woman walking along the beach later that evening with a metal detector miraculously found the ring buried more than a foot beneath the sand.



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