Firefighters Give 100-Year-Old The Birthday Surprise Of Her Life

Happy birthday, Jeanette!

The look on her face said it all. Jeanette Carty, who turned 100 last Wednesday, appeared absolutely stunned and overjoyed when a crowd of local firefighters from the Norfolk Fire-Rescue showed up on her doorstep to wish her happy birthday.

But it wasn't only the sight of the hunky firefighters that brought a smile to Carty's face. The visit had special meaning for the widower, whose late husband, Joe, served the city for 30 years, according to a post on the fire department's Facebook page. 

And that's why Battalion 3, Engine 11, Recruit Class 155 and some new trainees showed up to wish the Virginia centenarian a happy birthday, bringing her a bouquet of flowers and a round of applause.

“She seemed really excited about it. She was really surprised,” Norfolk Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Julian Williamson told Inside Edition. "With her family's service, we wanted to treat her to something special, to keep that family connection going."

The Facebook post has garnered over 19,000 likes and Carty has received hundreds of birthday wishes on the post from people near and far. 

Last year a UK radio station surprised a woman on her 100th birthday with numerous birthday cards from strangers to make sure her big day was special. 

Kindness really is all around. 




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