Firefighters Take Icy Plunge To Rescue Dog In Heartwarming Video

Firefighters took an icy plunge to save a Massachusetts dog on Sunday afternoon.

A woman's five-year-old Golden Retriever, Crosby, fell through the icy Charles River during a walk, Boston's WCVB.com reports.

The Wellesley Police Department stated on their website that the dog was trapped by ice nearly 50 yards offshore.

Firefighter Dave Papazian donned a cold water survival suit to break through the ice and swim to the dog, with the assistance of Fire Lieutenant Paul Delaney. Other officers and firefighters pulled the team back in and dried off the dog.

According to the statement, "Crosby was a little cold and shaken, but all things considered, seemed in very good health."

If you are looking to rescue a pup of your own, you can visit your local shelter or check out Petfinder.com and the ASPCA website to learn more.

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