Watch This Firefighter Save Dog From Fire, Revive Pup Using Human Oxygen Mask

This firefighter understands that any life -- no matter the species -- is a life worth saving.

Last Thursday, firefighters responded to a burning home in Virginia, rescuing the woman inside the house, CBS6 reported. The emergency responders didn't forget her furry companion, Keiser, and carried the dog out of the home as well. Though the canine made no movement and it appeared as though he wasn't going to survive, firefighter Josh Moore and paramedic Bubby Bish decided to make a last-ditch attempt to save the pet.

Moore strapped an adult mask to its snout, administered large amounts of oxygen to the pup, and successfully saved the pup.

"I figured being a large dog like he was, an adult mask should work for him and I could get it over his snout, hold it there and keep him going," Moore told CBS6. "It felt like it took forever, but I’m thinking it took maybe five to eight minutes he finally started to move and wag his tail."

The lucky pup was sent to an animal hospital after the incident, and released a few days later. He is currently in the care of the Petersburg Animal Control as his owner, who suffered second-degree burns, recovers in the ICU.

The emergency crew attending to the fire understood the important role that dogs play in their owners' lives. As did the firefighters who saved Crosby, a 5-year-old golden retriever from Massachusetts who had fallen into a river late last year during a walk. Firefighters braved the frigid waters and rescued the beloved pup. Back in 2011, in another compassionate save, Wisconsin firefighters revived a dog, Koda, after he was found unconscious inside a burning house. The pup was successfully given mouth-to-nose resuscitation, and returned to his relieved owners, reported.



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