FireMe! App Tracks Boss-Hate On Twitter

LOOK: These Workers Are Just Asking To Be Fired

A new German Twitter app has essentially compiled a list of people that are about to be fired.

The recently unveiled FireMe!, tracks and displays people who say inappropriate things about their jobs on Twitter -- really inappropriate things like expressing the desire to murder, shoot and/or injure their direct supervisor. The tweets are separated into four categories: "Haters," "Horrible Bosses," "Sexual Intercourses," and "Potential Killers."

The app is a wakeup call for ignorant Tweeters who seem to forget that if your Twitter is public, WE CAN SEE ALL YOUR TWEETS. FireMe! will even check your Twitter feed for compromising tweets. I have a FireMeter score of 0, meaning that I have never said anything incriminating about my job. [Ed. note: Well done!]

FireMe! has a Leaderboard of people who have tweeted the most incriminating things about their jobs and bosses. It's certainly not a good thing to be at the top of that list. Below, we've rounded up some recent offenders:

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