'Walking Dead' Star Hints Midseason Premiere Opens With Crazy Twist

Watch the first four minutes.

Now's not a good day to take a blood pressure test, y'all. 

"The Walking Dead" has released the first four minutes of its midseason premiere, and it has us nervous. As the show opens, we see Daryl, Abraham and Sasha all get captured by a group of bikers who work for a dude named Negan. 

No big deal. New friends are cool, right?


Fans of the comics know Negan is bad news. Even Abraham himself, actor Michael Cudlitz, has acknowledged the group's dire circumstances.

While talking with The Huffington Post before a "Walking Dead" panel at the 92nd Street Y, Cudlitz said, "We’re in a tough spot. We’re in a very tough spot, and it’s not going to unfold the way anyone thinks it’s going to unfold."

The problem is, we've been thinking about how this could unfold for a while, and there is some evidence this could be the end of Daryl. If so, hopefully they get it over with quick. As one of Negan's dudes says, "If you have to eat shit, best not to nibble."

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