First-Aid Items That'll Get You Ready For Every Kind Of Summer Emergency

From venom-removing kits to tourniquets, you’ll have safety in the bag (literally).

As the saying goes, not all superheroes wear capes. What it truly requires to save the day is being at the right place at the right time — and having the right tools. Sometimes, that means whipping out a Band-Aid or itch ointment. Other times, it’s helpful to have a fully stocked first-aid kit, especially if you’re a parent of some pretty rowdy kids (or friends with a wild, risk-taking crew).

Instead of letting minor and major emergencies get in the way of enjoying your summer, be prepared with these 10 safety items to have on hand.

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A basic first-aid kit
Let’s start with a classic: A standard first-aid kit. This one comes with everything you need for minor mishaps: different sized Band-Aids, gauze, antibiotic cream, cleansing wipes, Tylenol, Benadryl, Neosporin and a cold pack. It’s perfect to keep at home, a dorm room, or in the car.
A human repair kit
If you’re traveling and don’t have room to pack a traditional first-aid kit, this mini one is the perfect one to bring instead. Inside are Band-Aids, itch-ointment for rashes, and hand sanitizer.
An insect bite healer
This insect bite healer should be a requirement for any summer vacation that involves being somewhere buggy (like a cabin in the woods or camping). An insect bite healer is a battery-powered tool (no outlets necessary) that helps relieve swelling, pain and inflammation for bites from mosquitos, wasps and bees. A pretty good step above bug spray, wouldn’t you say?
A venom extractor
If you’re worried about snake bites, you need something more powerful than your standard bug bite protection kit. This venom extractor uses a suction pump to get poison out of the body. Care wipes for bee and wasp stings are also included.
A survivor bracelet
One of the most terrifying circumstances that could happen on a summer excursion would be being stranded somewhere completely lost with your phone dead. This bracelet is equipped with a powerful flashlight, compass, thermometer, rescue whistle and fire starter. Your Fitbit could never.
A tourniquet trauma kit
Enduring an injury that results in heavy bleeding can turn serious real quick, which is why it’s important to have tourniquets on hand anytime you’re traveling somewhere intense bleeding is a possibility. One note: Tourniquets can only be used on limbs, not the body.
An after sun medicated relief gel
You already plan on packing sunscreen right? (Right?!) Even still, if you’re spending all day at the beach or a sporting event, you can almost guarantee that someone is going to get sunburned. (There’s always one.) That’s when a soothing relief gel comes in handy, which cools on contact for instant alleviation.
A roadside assistance kit
Planning on going on a road trip? It’s worth having a roadside assistance kit in the truck — just in case you need it. Inside is a reflective vest, flashlight, booster cables and first-aid kit.
A baby healthcare kit
It sucks when anyone gets sick on vacation, but it’s especially gut-wrenching when it’s a baby. You’ll be prepared with this kit, which includes a thermometer, medicine spoon, medicine dropper and nasal aspirator. They’ll be back to smiles and giggles in no time.
A cruise essentials kit
Sure, cruises are as big as buildings, but if you’re sensitive to motion sickness, it’s worth it to bring along a cruise essentials kit packed with motion sickness medication. There’s also dehydration tabs and mixes for energy drinks in case nausea does end up getting the best of you.

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