First Annual HuffPost Charity Chain

This year I'm making a donation to the Innocence Project; it seems that almost every time a prisoner is exonerated, this organization was involved. I'd love to hear what charity you are giving to this year.
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It's that time of year -- or at least it's almost that time of year -- when we get out our checkbooks and give some money away to worthwhile causes. And it crossed our minds that because you're feeling full of the holiday spirit, you might be looking for someplace new and interesting to give money to. So here's one of the charities I'm giving money to this year. Post a comment and tell us what you're giving to. Just one charity. And tell us why. We're especially looking for charities you're giving money to for the first time.

This year I'm making a contribution to the Innocence Project for a simple reason -- I keep reading about them. Almost every time someone is freed from prison and exonerated, it turns out to be because of DNA evidence and the legal help of this organization. It seems to me that the Innocence Project has done a huge amount to undermine support for the death penalty -- which this week was outlawed in the state of New Jersey. What's more, they're a relatively small organization that my contribution will make a difference to.

You can go to and read about them and give them money if you feel like it.

And meanwhile, post a comment below and tell us what you're giving money to this year. Just one charity. Tell us why. And include its URL and email address, so that anyone you inspire can easily send money. Happy holidays to all...

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