9 First Apartment Mistakes Everyone Makes When They're Young And Naive (PHOTOS)

The combination of cluelessness and budget restrictions can lead to hilariously bad situations.

The phrase “you live and learn” really rings true when we think back to our experiences in our first apartments. At the time, we thought we knew everything and thought all those little rules our parents made us follow were a bunch of nonsense. But boy, should we have listened to them.

Especially when we stop and remember the time the toilet nearly overflowed and there we were, with no plunger to speak of. Oh, and how we thought that we could tough it out on a futon instead of paying up for an actual mattress. (Now, we pay for relieving our lingering back pain.)

Ah, but we were young, free and so, so naive. Luckily, we’ve learned from the mistakes we made in our first apartments -- but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share some of the funny ones with you. Click through our slideshow and be sure to let us know the mistakes you made in the comments below.


First Apartment Mistakes

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