Ultimate First Celebrity Crush Deathmatch

Maybe it hit you when you couldn't stop doodling his name in your notebook. Or when you couldn't get that ramen-like, gel-spiked, frosted or flowing head of luscious locks out of your head. Or perhaps you just couldn't handle the thought of the girl on the screen trying to take your man.

Ah, the first celebrity crush. Through much obsessing and pining, eventually you come to realize that realistically, you'll never be together. Yet even though that reality hurts (and still stings to this day ... ), it doesn't mean we forget how great our first names would sound in front of their last names.

Remember when Leo was making our hearts melt on "Growing Pains"? How about when Shane West gave Mandy Moore the most romantic date of all time (be in two places at once? Come on, that's genius)? Or when we finally got to see what Casper looked like in human form? We've rounded up some of our childhood heartthrobs, but we're leaving it to you to decide who becomes the Ultimate First Celebrity Crush.

Check back on Wednesday, July 31, to see if your picks made it to the next round!



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