10 First Date Ideas That Are So Much Better Than Grabbing A Drink

A little adventure is good for your love life.

Dating fatigue is real. Especially when you’re going to the same old bars, having the same old drinks. That’s why dating experts recommend keeping the first meetup interesting, if for no other reason than to have a fun evening.

“Don’t just go to your default bar,” dating and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, the author of He’s Just Not Your Type (and that’s a good thing): How To Find Love Where You Least Expect It, told The Huffington Post.Get outside of your comfort zone and your routine so that it’s fun again. That’s really the goal for everybody. Not just your date, but yourself as well.”

Here are 10 creative ideas for your next date.

Explore a different neighborhood.
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"Ask the person you are going on a date with, 'Is there a part of the city that you haven’t seen that you want to explore together?'" Syrtash suggests.

You can walk around a cool, new neighborhood, window shop and take in local culture. The setting is also casual and relaxed and breaks away from the more formal dinner date, which Syrtash says sometimes makes people feel like they are on an interview.
Go on a hike.
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Check out the local nature walks in your town or city. Diving into nature lends a sense of adventure to the date.

"Novelty is a secret sauce in relationships, so an adventurous date is a really great way to spark excitement," Syrtash says.
Indulge in hot chocolate and dessert.
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Syrtash suggests to enjoy the chilly weather while it lasts!

"It’s not going to break the bank and it’s a great alternative to just a boring coffee date or a dinner date or a bar," Syrtash says.
Shoot some pool.
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Take your date to the local billiards joint for a couple hours of shooting pool, Syrtash says. An activity-based first date can get competitive juices flowing. And the evening is probably going to be fun – even if you two decide to just be friends.
Find a trivia night.
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Trivia night at a local spot in town is an affordable and fun option. Maybe you'll impress your date with all of your history knowledge, maybe they'll impress you, or maybe you will both be mortified by your mutual lack of trivia skills!
Visit an aquarium.
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"Aquariums are very romantic," Syrtash says, "And the ones that are open at night are magical."
Play darts.
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Like shooting pool, darts are a fun activity to do within a bar setting, Syrtash says.
Go to a comedy show.
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Check your local listings for cheap comedy hours or open mic nights. Research shows that couples who laugh together are closer and happier.
Listen to some live music.
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"Most cities [and towns] have their calendars up of local attractions and they’re not generally expensive.You're not taking your date to a Madonna concert!" Syrtash says.

Look into which artists are coming through the area and check out some live music on your first date. It could be a genre you know you both are interested in or something completely new.
See a minor league team play.
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Since it's the minors, chances are neither of you are passionate fans of either team, quashing any chance of a truly divisive first date debate. Plus, it's more affordable than the major league!

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