A Tale Of Kindergarten Hardship, In One Little Boy's Before-And-After Photos

The first day of kindergarten can really do a kid in.

The morning of day one is filled with so much promise for a youngster about to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime. There is a fresh backpack, ironed clothes, combed hair and a big smile. But a day filled with alphabets, crayons, story time and maybe a short nap can leave that same eager kid broken.

Reddit user redditismybible shared a split photo from a kindergartener's first day as a prime example of this contrast. The Reddit community sympathized with the little one.

"I've heard stories... Kids doing two, three tours in 'Garden," wrote user MrJeeblez. "The things they've seen... It haunts you. Juice boxes don't quench their thirst, nap time is restless... School is hell."

Stay strong, buddy.

h/t Pixable

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