The First Ever Polygamist Flash Mob Is Going Down In The New 'Sister Wives' Episode

Flash mobs come in every shape, size and variety you can imagine. From a grocery store flash mob to an awesome Thanksgiving flash mob to a marriage proposal flash mob, we thought we have seen it all. But are you ready for a whole new level of flash mobs?

In the new episode of TLC's "Sister Wives," which follows Kody Brown, his four wives, and their 17 children, the Browns will lead the (most likely) first ever polygamist flash mob. That's right, a group of 40-something adults practicing polygamy are going to assemble in public to perform a dance routine unbeknownst to all observers.

What is the special occasion for this earth-shattering event? The high school graduation party for Brown daughters Mariah and Aspyn. We all dream of the day our parents (emphasis on the plural) will not only attend our graduation party (fun!), but also embarrass us in front of all our friends with a choreographed dance. This is a day that will definitely not be easily forgotten.

You can watch all the polygamist dance moves go down on this Sunday's (Jan. 12) new episode of "Sister Wives," that is if you won't already be watching the Golden Globes or the "Girls" Season 3 premiere. Also, if another polygamist flash mob has already occurred at some point in human history, please inform us so we can be as accurate as possible with our flash mob knowledge.